About me, in short ..

32 Years old working as a Graphic Designer since I'am 15 years old. Early 2006 I started Vision Design a small Webdesign & Webhosting company. Sold this company in 2013, and started to work at BBCI. Still working in this company but the name changed even as my role in this company. Started as the IT guy and graphic designer (still am) but now co-owner of this company (The Business Barons Club India).

My other two companies (non-profit) are just to bring people toghter where we can talk or discuss about what we like the most! For us gamers and Assassin's Creed we have MyCreed. And for us movie and serie addicts we have Films en Series Nederland.

- Michael Braam

Business Barons Club India B.V.

Started as a graphic designer in 2011 and now 2017 director of the company.

  • The Business Barons Club India B.V.
  • The Culture Club India
  • Discover India Lifestyle
  • The Bihar House
  • Bombay Lounge cafe

The BBCI is the place for entrepreneurs of India and Europe.

 Director, Art Director & Head Marketing

FECO BV, FECO Store and FECO Warehouse

Started in 2016 and now 2017 Art Director and manager within the company. FECO BV has several parts/brands:

  • FECO Store
  • FECO Warehouse

FECO BV is the Dutch parter of YTO Express. Recently also started with FECO Store and FECO Warehouse.

Manager, Art Director & Head Marketing

MyCreed Network & World

Started in 2011 with a personal website about my passion of the game Assassin's Creed. Now years later we turned it into a non-profit company with:

  • MyCreed Network and World
  • MyCreed Nederland
  • MyCreed Global
  • MyCreed Cosplay & Creations

The place for all Assassin's Creed fans all over the world. With different brands so we coverd every part of this great video game franchise. With a small and dedicated team we work hard on this great company.

Founder, CEO & Art Director

Fims en Series Nederland

Started this concept end 2016 as a group on Facebook. A month later we started a Facebook page. And now 2017 we are building a website where we combine all the content and making our own content. The website is scheduled to be launced later this year.

PUBG Xbox One Nederland 'Fan Community'

A new project started this january. The website is very plain and simple and will give all the basics about the game. With a Facebook page for all the latest news and a group for people to meet. This project is based on the succes stories of MyCreed and Films en Series. This project had one goal and one goal only, bring PUBG Xbox players together.

Founder, CEO

Current projects

More info will follow soon.

Some of my old work

A few examples of my work I made the past years. Some highlights: Vision Design, MyCreed World, Films en Series Nederland, Tazke, Enya's World, FESTIVALFANS, MovieCommunity, The Bihar House, The Business Barons Club India, FECO BV and more ..


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